DIGGIL is a multi-feature digital platform. For the last 2 years, we have been providing fast and reliable customer service through an expert team. Thank you so much for being with us.

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How to start B2B service?

We are always working to make the quality of digital services easier in Bangladesh. We are focusing on ensuring that small local entrepreneurs can manage their digital business well with us.

We provide B2B services so that they can be associated with us on a business-to-business basis. Anyone can access the Bitubi service by registering on our website with their correct identity. A registered user will get every product from our shop at the lowest price. For which almost anyone can make a profit by selling our products.

Our B2B Products

Buy our products for start a good Service now.

Buy $200 &
Earn 40,000 Point

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Buy Visa card &
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Paypal Account &
Earn 10,000 Point

Google Voice &
Earn 2,000 Point

Buy 1,000 Like &
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Buy 2,000 Like &
Earn 2,000 Point

Buy 3,000 Like &
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Buy 5,000 Like &
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Buy 10,000 Like &
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Buy 100,000 Like &
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Buy 200,000 Like &
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Buy 1,000 Subscriber
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Buy 2,000 Subscriber
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