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Bluebird Reloadable visa Card

৳ 1,000 ৳ 500

This is Bluebird Bank’s reloadable Visa card. It is only for official use in the US, so the company does not grant permission to use in Bangladesh. Then you can use Bluebird’s debit card for online payments and transactions in a secret way.

Reward Point: 5000

Additional information


Features of this card:

  • Free access
  • 24 hours open
  • Dollar Reloadable
  • Mobile app ready
  • Web & Apk verson available
  • No extra charge or cost
  • United States Bank Access

Instructions for this:

  1. The card must be used from a United States IP address.
  2. Must be use VPN, IP, VPS Or Dedicated Server when you outside of US.
  3. No illegal transactions can be made.
  4. You must refrain from repeatedly logging in to your account. It is better not to login more than 1/2 times a day as much as possible.
  5. It is best to use all types of IP, VPN, VPS, server premium versions.
  6. No attempt can be made to verify the card unnecessarily.
  7. Refrain from sharing any kind of card information with anyone.

This bank has no branch or office in Bangladesh. So if there is any problem with the card or account, it is not possible to solve it. Each task is requested to be handled with caution.

We will provide:

  • Email Access
  • Bank account Login access
  • Debit card access
  • Card holder Informations

Product Delivery Policy:

I will try to complete the delivery as soon as possible after ordering your virtual product. Delivery of your ordered product may take up to 48 hours for any problem. We will complete the delivery of your ordered product via mailing to the email provided in your billing details. If you use the wrong email at the billing address, the authority will not be held responsible.

Note: If any kind of informative virtual product is sold, it will be refundable and will not be counted. It is further informed that even after delivering the product with correct information, if it is tried to prove it as wrong, it will not be possible to change, enhance or modify the product purchased by the customer. 

Thank You.


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